Strategies That Make a Difference

New Brand Strategy


Food company had developed compelling evidence to support potential health claims for its lead product, a popular snack food

Key Questions

  • Is there a way to drive growth by highlighting these health benefits without damaging the brand image and undermining pleasure, the primary motivator of use?

Our Approach/Output

  • Assessed the 'state of the science' to determine the level of health-benefit validation and opinion leader support/concerns
  • Created a strategy and plan to build credibility for the science among scientific and medical opinion leaders
    • Gradually expanded to reach consumer media in credible way
  • Proposed a sub-line to highlight health benefits, while maintaining the core product line unchanged
  • Proposed an ingredient branding strategy, to distinguish the health-positioned products and make the claims more 'ownable'
  • Collaborated with client's advertising agency to develop the positioning strategy
  • Provided support for market research validation


  • Client launched ingredient-branding strategy and product sub-line in test and then nationally
  • Significantly exceeded Year 1 sales expectations and created a new market segment
  • Has continued to grow, gaining increased distribution and expanding to additional distribution channels

Client Feedback

"NCI's expertise in building scientific and MD support and then using it to influence consumers gave us the vision and confidence to pursue this business. We had been standing over the putt for years, not knowing how to proceed. It was great!"