Strategies That Make a Difference

New Market Opportunities


  • Leading European skin care line, built exclusively on physician support and pharmacy-only distribution, was interested in entering the U.S. while maintaining a consistent global brand image.
  • Company had strong consumer-marketing infrastructure in the U.S., but no professional experience or resources.

Key Questions

  • Can this product line succeed in the US? Do we need to modify the product strategy or positioning?
  • How should we sequence the introduction of our various products within the line?

Our Approach

  • Developed a US landscape analysis to identify key market dynamics, success factors, barriers to entry, competitive framework, competing technologies, white space opportunities and potential areas of differentiation
  • Identified alternate entry strategies and concept statements for the opportunities identified
  • Conducted qualitative market research to assess relative appeal of potential approaches
  • Evaluated options to obtain infrastructure (build, partner, acquire, contract)
  • Identified and analyzed potential partner and acquisition candidates for strategic fit
  • Developed alternative marketing plans and pro forma P&Ls to assess financial viability


  • Recommended the client follow a modified strategy for the US:
    • Pursue a hybrid distribution strategy, launching initially to professionals and later selectively expanding to high end mass market
    • Acquire a complementary product line to provide an immediate revenue base
  • Led to acquisition of a new line and launch to professionals; subsequently launched at retail.
  • Product line and sales have continued to register solid annual growth and distribution continues to expand

Client Feedback

"Despite the confidence of our parent company, we didn't think [product name] could succeed in the US. NCI showed us a route to gradual expansion, that allowed us to limit our financial exposure. This gradual approach helped us build support and momentum, resulting in the success we're seeing today."