Strategies That Make a Difference

Competitive Landscape Assessment


Client's drug was in Phase I and would likely be third to market. Innovator of the class was already on the market, a true breakthrough and a blockbuster drug. A second competitor was preparing to launch next, but its launch strategy and timing were uncertain. A third product also appeared to be exploring an indication that might be a threat, but its future clinical plans were unknown.

Key Questions

  • How can we optimize our clinical and commercial strategy by anticipating how the competitive landscape will evolve by the time we enter the market?

Our Approach

  • Conducted an in-depth landscape analyses using key opinion leader interviews, clinical benchmarking and a technology forecast to assess each competitor's development strategy and anticipate how the market could evolve


  • Forecast of the commercial landscape at the time of launch
  • Identification of the key opportunities and challenges
  • Outline of the clinical results that would be required for the product to succeed commercially, including:
    • Target population and target patient profile
    • Efficacy endpoints
    • Potential sources of differentiation
    • Dosing schedule

Client Feedback

"You gave us great depth of insight into what our competitors are likely to do and the challenges we have. This will impact our clinical decision making and will be something the whole team will be referencing repeatedly."