Strategies That Make a Difference

Near Term Growth Opportunities


Client's drug was 4th entry in very competitive class. It had meaningful side effect advantages versus entrenched competitors, and had a very successful launch. It was now entering its third year in the Rx market, with a pipeline of new indications planned. However, there was significant pressure from management to accelerate growth in the next 3 years.

Key Question

  • How can we accelerate growth of our product in the near-term, despite intensifying competition?

Our Approach

  • Structured and facilitated a series of cross-functional innovation workshops and War Games to uncover several big ideas.


  • New messaging strategy that transformed absence of negative into a benefit and led to new communication tools and trial devices
  • Opportunity to re-position drug by tailoring therapy by patient type and positioning new dosage form by site of care
  • New promotional strategies to improve physician outreach
  • New ways to generate patient trial based on sources of patient dissatisfaction with competitive side effects

Client Feedback

"Over-delivered. We have an excited team with an abundance of things to work with. Unexpected that all this could come from better integrating the way we look at things."