Strategies That Make a Difference

Scenario Planning and Competitive Strategies


Client's drug was the first product in its class to receive a new expanded indication. A key competitor, the market leader, was expected to receive approval for the same and additional indications within the year. The client and its co-marketing partner were unsure how the competitor would evolve its strategy given its new breadth of indications.

Key Questions

  • What will the competitor do?
  • How can we insulate and continue to grow our business in the face of this threat?

Our Approach

  • Working with the client, identified three potential scenarios for the competitor's commercial strategy
    • Based on likelihood and degree of threat
  • Collected targeted competitive intelligence
  • Structured and facilitated War Games to simulate each scenario


  • Insight into competitor's potential marketing strategies and actions under each scenario
  • Alignment between our client and its partner on competitive planning assumptions
  • Identification of strategic implications
  • Offensive and defensive marketing plans and identification of trigger points for action

Client Feedback

"You provided tremendous insight. By challenging our assumptions, you helped us better prepare for this threat. The agency we use for competitive monitoring could not have gotten us here."