Strategies That Make a Difference


NCI Consulting offers a number of modular Rx-to-OTC switch services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Select examples of our services are described here.

Issue Identification and Switch Feasibility Assessment

We help clients assess the likelihood of switch approval, during the early evaluation stage. Services include:

  • Assessment of clinical data and evidence base
  • Environmental assessment and influence mapping (scientific/medical, regulatory, advocacy, competitive, payer, political)
  • Identification of potential issues/obstacles to approval
  • Development and assessment of strategies to overcome these obstacles
  • Identification and evaluation of public health rationale

Scenario Assessment and Strategic Planning

We help clients identify and assess potential strategies and market scenarios, to determine whether a switch is likely to be commercially viable. Services include:

  • Landscape analysis (current, future)
  • Competitive assessment and benchmarking (Rx and OTC)
  • Identification of key threats, opportunities and strategic options
  • Scenario planning and opportunity modeling
  • Development and assessment of differentiated platforms
  • Partnering opportunity assessment
  • Market sizing and forecasting

Marketing Strategy and Commercial Planning

We leverage our deep OTC commercial expertise to help clients develop and optimize their switch marketing, lifecycle and competitive strategies. Services include:

  • Differentiated labeling and claims
  • Marketing strategies and tactical plans (consumer, professional, payer)
  • Competitive strategies, including War Games and simulations
  • Product innovation and pipeline strategies
  • Partnering strategy, pitch support, and joint-team process support

Approval Strategies and Tactical Implementation

We help client teams develop strategies for switch approval and provide tactical support throughout the approval process. Services include:

  • Identification of strategies to address key issues
  • Contingency planning
  • Development and optimization of the evidence base and submission materials
  • Environmental influence strategy and stakeholder support plans
  • Advisory committee preparation and management

Switch Capabilities Optimization

We offer a variety of services to help clients develop and optimize their capabilities in switch, including:

  • Capabilities assessment and benchmarking
  • Organizational structure, process and staffing recommendations
  • Switch University™ and training workshops
  • Optimization of partnership pitches
  • Decision-making and alignment facilitation/workshops